Breakthru Bodies provide fitness and nutrition solutions at a fully equipped private fitness studio. Fitness sessions take place weekdays during school term time  specifically tailored to suit women of all ages working or based at home, new mums (new babies can come to 1:1 sessions) and full time mums. 


All classes are express 30 minute sessions designed to fit in with busy schedules. Start your day off with an express fitness solution first thing after school drop off, during your lunch hour or during your baby's nap time! All equipment is provided. Class trials are available and can be paid for in cash at the end of the class, all other block bookings are payable in full before the first class begins. For term dates please see 'get in touch' page.

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Breakthru BabyFIT 

30 minute new mum fitness solution

Mon to Thurs - Call for availability.

Initial Consultation Session: £40  1 hour session

30 Minute follow on sessions: £23 each 


Breakthru BabyFIT is a great way to start getting back into fitness once you have had the all clear from your doctor to start exercising again. The initial consultation will include a full postnatal assessment. You will also be checked for diastasis recti and core function. Follow-on sessions will be bespoke designed to safely improve core strength while taking into account all the changes your body has encountered during pregnancy and birth. New babies up to 6 months are welcome, play mat and baby bouncer supplied!

Breakthru bodies | personal training |
Breakthru Resistance30 

30 minute fun and effective resistance training with warm up,  sets of resistance exercises that differ at each class followed by body resistance core exercises and a cool down. It focuses on strength, muscle toning and stamina. 

Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs   - 9.15am. 10.05am, 10.55am - call for availability.

£18  1:1 or  £9.50 Bookings of up to 3 people per session.

Block Book: Full or Half Term (normally 6 or 12 sessions) 


These time efficient, effective workouts are based on big compound movements that strengthen and tone muscles. Great for also increasing bone density, increasing your metabolism which in turn helps you burn fat more efficiently!

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Breakthru CTS (Core, Tone & Stretch)


Don't fancy the thought of anything too intense but still want to improve your fitness, strength & stamina? New to exercise or starting up again after a long break? Why not try this 35 minute core & stretch class. Warm-Up, followed by mat based core exercises, 5 minutes of toning and a finishing with a stretch session. 


Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs - call for availability.

£18 1:1 or £9.50 each - share with a friend!

Breakthru HIITMUMS

30 minutes of warm up, high intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio boxing, 2 core mat exercises followed by a cool down stretch on the mats.

Aimed to appeal to busy mums (but no, you don't have to be a mum to take part!)

Get fit & exercise in a fun, time efficient, effective manner. An intensive, fat burning, metabolic firing, energetic start to the day! All levels welcome, exercises can be adapted to suit your fitness level.

Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs mornings

£18 for 1:1 session  

£9.50 for 2:1 or 3:1 session (bring friend/s and split the cost!)

Block Book: Full or Half Term (normally 6 or 12 sessions)

Session 1  9.15-9.45am   

Session 2  10.05– 10.35am  

Session 3  10.55- 11.20am   


Breakthru bodies | personal training | nutrition coaching
Breakthru Habit Change Food Coaching


Do you find yourself continually striving to change your eating habits but some how always self-sabotage you efforts? Have you always been on a diet or off a diet and want to re-evaluate a mindful new, fresh start to sustainable nutrition for health? Habit change food coaching can help you make that breakthrough call for more information


2 hour Breakthru Back to Basics & Introduction to Habit Change Seminar £80 1:1

8 Week 1hr Habit Change Food Coaching   £200 

Coaching can be face to face or phone/skype based. 2 hour seminar has to take place before 8 week coaching course can commence.