Women's Lifestyle,

Fitness & Motivation Coach


European Institute of Fitness

Level 3 Certifed Personal Trainer


ACSM Endorsed Coaching Award

Certified in motivation and lifestyle management, coaching psychology and behavioural management techniques.


Fully insured member of National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT)


about breakthru...

Breakthru Bodies was set up with the aim of transforming the relationship women have with health, fitness, bodies and minds. It's about breaking free from unrealistic ideals and helping people to create achievable fitness and wellbeing goals that fit in with real life. Breakthru Bodies offerings are specifically tailored to suit busy women working or based at home, mums on maternity leave or full time mums. You won’t find any quick fixes, crazy weight loss claims or gimmicks – the solutions on offer are about long term sustainable lifestyle habit changes.

why choose breakthru bodies?

  • Don't like the idea of a gym setting, nervous about starting?  Come along to work out in a fully kitted out private fitness studio with off street parking.

  • Training outdoors in winter not your thing? Freezing winter bootcamps don't appeal? Workout in comfort; you can even bring your new baby along! (Set classes - T&C's apply)

  • Need someone to motivate you to just get going?  Offerings are for all levels of fitness and age groups, they adapt to suit you.

  • Just want to get fitter or looking for extra help to shift your nutritional habit change mindset. Choose a class that suits you or supplement with  add-on food coaching options.


my breakthru journey...

From teen years to well into my 30's I have enjoyed keeping fit, not at some extreme level but enough to stay fit & healthy. After becoming a mum getting my body back to full fitness was something I enjoyed doing during my maternity leave, but it was so tricky to find the time and energy! What was interesting was how many other mums I spoke to that wanted a realistic fitness approach that would suit busy family life, something that would work in terms of motivation and sustainability . This longing to find the solution, not just for me but for other women, led me to re-train at the European Institute of Fitness.


Qualifications in behavioural change along with years of reading and researching books lead to a conscious understanding of habits, how they are formed as well as  how to break them and the huge role this plays in the sustainability of health and fitness. This resulted in the creation of a coaching model based on a step-by-step habit change approach. It created a personal breakthrough in my own health & fitness not only that, it lead to the beginning of Breakthru Bodies. Now I offer you the chance to have a go at some of the solutions that have been created....