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Lifting Weights



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Breakthru bodies - mind body solutions
Sustainable Fitness

Breakthru Bodies is an exciting and fresh approach to fitness and motivation. It is designed specifically for busy women and mums wanting to reach their goals in a fun, time efficient and effective way; focusing on long term body and mind habit changes rather than quick fixes.

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Breakthru bodies | Food coaching
Mindset Food Coaching

What is your relationship with food? We all have one and it tends to be very personal. Are you sick of yo-yo dieting? Do you have nutrition goals but don't know how to go about making the changes you desire? Do you want to move away from food habits that you just can't seem to control? Lifestyle nutrition coaching could be just what you need to shed new light on your nutritional wellbeing.


Express Fitness for busy women!

30 minute high intensity interval training with 

cardio boxing. Time efficient, effective and fun!

1:1 2:1 or 3:1

Block book per half term!
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